About Us

We are a group of friends united in our passion for speleology, with years of experience between us. We found ourselves suddenly without a parent organization and were forced to start over. So we did, in our way.

In forming our new group, we decided against any form of bureaucracy. We considered it was wasted time that chipped away at those precious moments caving. This also meant no leadership, no guidelines and bylaws, no membership cards and dues, no overburdening of one member, but also no freeloaders. The result has been a ship that is manned to perfection, since most of us have been in official positions before. Everyone has a say, but we listen to those who labor the most. We have no official source of financing, but we all chip in. We are not obliged to spend our contributions in any specific way. Our meetings are held in a pub, without minutes. We have no office, no storage facility, nor leases to pay.

Ultimately, our choice has given us more degrees of freedom, without any loses. We have always obtained all requested permits and authorizations, but most importantly, we actively collaborate with government institutions to protect the environment. A sign that our professionalism is taken seriously.

Loyalty and friendship are worth more than any official seal.

… and so much more!

Grotta Continua Trieste.


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